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Rochester NY Towing Service-Kerhaert's Towing Logo
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24 Hour Winching and Recovery

Kerhaert's provides our customers with fast response winching and recovery service 24 hours a day all year round. Slippery roads and expressways like routes 390, 490 and 590 in the Rochester and Greece area are always active with accidents in the winter and also in rainy spring and summer seasons. Our Rochester based tow drivers are trained to deal with harsh conditions and every situation that could possibly occur.

 Most local police and fire departments in Monroe county use our services when cars or heavy duty trucks end up in accidents and off road needing recovery services. Our trucks are quite capable of reaching vehicles several hundred feet off road and winching them safely and damage free back to the roadway. Lets face it, Rochester is not famous for having the best roads in NY and when accidents happen you will want dependable and well trained drivers that can handle any towing recovery or winching job.

The construction season is active with flatbed trucks making deliveries and cement mixers pouring foundations in new housing tracks. Kerhaert's towing provides recovery service for even the heaviest trucks on the road. Winching large cement mixers that have slipped into a soft foundation or pulling large flatbed trucks out of soft mud while making deliveries is just one of the things we specialize in.
Rochester area garbage trucks fully loaded that get caught in driveways or drainage ditches? Yes we can recover those also! Winching is not something that anyone can do, you need to know working load limits and also where to safely hook to in order to recover a car or heavy duty truck safely and damage free. If the job is done wrong people can get severely hurt and property damage can get very costly. That is why we have provided Rochester and Upstate NY with all types of recovery and winching service almost twice as many years as our closest competitor.

Over the years we have recovered hundreds of stuck or rolled over cars or trucks, including tractor and trailers, straight and box trucks, and even large equipment like bulldozers and forklifts. Heavy duty trucks stuck under bridges is another common thing in Rochester. Out of town drivers are not always aware of our low bridges and sadly accidents do happen. Keep the damage as minimal as possible and let our highly skilled team of tow operators help recover your truck and load.

NY Licensed and Insured Towing and Recovery

NY has special requirements when it comes to insurance coverage for tow companies. Kerhaert's Towing and Auto Repair far exceeds the coverage we are required to have and we do this for our customers. You deserve a company that puts you and your property first! If you are looking for towing or recovery service in Rochester NY make sure the first thing you ask is what type of insurance coverage do they have. Do not fall into a trap where someone comes out and the unexpected happens and you are left holding the bill. Kerhaert's has all the bases covered. Starts with great insurance and ends with professional highly skilled drivers trained at all types of towing and recovery. Based in Rochester NY but our distance of service coverage has no limits.
 Call our 24 hour emergency dispatch line at 585-865-8159 and see for yourself why we are the premier towing and recovery company in Rochester NY.

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