Rochester NY Rotator Towing Service-Kerhaert's Towing Logo
Rochester NY Rotator Towing Service-Kerhaert's Towing Logo

Rochester Rotator Towing Service

Kerhaert's Towing is extremely proud to be the only tow company located in Rochester NY offering Rotator towing service for our customers. As a matter of fact we are the only company providing rotator towing service in Monroe, Wayne and Orleans counties. We have added a 50 ton sliding rotator to our large modern fleet of heavy duty and light duty tow trucks to extend the capabilities of services we provide 24 hours per day. Our new rotator has four main winch lines and is easily able to recover even the toughest of jobs. The advantages of having a rotator are numerous! Doing recoveries on expressways such as route 390 or route 490 would sometimes require the police to shut down several lanes of traffic if not the entire roadway in order for heavy duty tow trucks to do their job. Using a rotator allows us to require a much smaller area to upright or winch trucks and or equipment back to the road because we are able to turn the boom to fit the requirements of each job. Other towing companies in Rochester or the greater Rochester area may say they have the largest fleet but when it comes down to it, Kerhaert's Towing has the best equipment for any job! If you are looking to have equipment loaded or unloaded on a trailer or dock we have the trucks to do the job safely and at a very fair price.

 Our new Rochester based rotator tow truck is basically a crane designed and enhanced for all towing and recovery needs. Looking for a tow company in Rochester NY to handle your heavy duty truck towing needs? All you have to do is pick up your phone and call 585-865-8159 and let us take it from there. We have the areas largest tow trucks and all of our fleet is modern and well maintained. If we can't do the job then nobody can! Our drivers / operators have been extensively trained in all aspects of recovery and towing no matter what size or how difficult the job may be. We are family owned and operated since 1926. Kerhaert's Towing is one of the nations oldest existing tow companies for a reason. We value our customers and want to provide the best service possible.

Kerhaert's Towing Logo image - Rochester NY
50 Ton sliding rotator tow truck-Rochester NY
Rochester NY's only Rotator tow truck- Kerhaert's Towing.
50 Ton sliding rotator lifting heavy all terrain forklift in Rochester NY
Sliding rotator towing decked tractors in Rochester -585-865-8159

50 Ton Rotator Towing & Crane Service

There are so many advantages of using a Rotator Tow truck / Crane when it comes to doing major recovery work or equipment assistance. Some jobs would require other towing companies in the Rochester NY area to use two or more trucks to finish a job for a customer. More trucks means more money out of pocket for the customer. Being able to swing our 50 ton sliding rotator boom 360 degrees in every angle allows us to safely perform any recovery presented to us in less time and using less equipment in order to finish the job. If you notice below left we are using our rotator ( Unlettered at the time of picture) to remove a all terrain forklift from a flatbed trailer. Normally the trailer would have to drive out from under the equipment so that  it could be lowered to the ground safely. here you can see Kerhaert's is able to simply swing the boom of the 50 ton rotator around and set it down without the need to move either truck.

Need equipment placed on or removed from a upper dock or platform? No problem! We will save you time and money by calling our Rochester NY based location at 585-865-8159.
Been in an accident and need 24 hour towing and recovery service in the greater Rochester area? Our towing department is always open and ready to serve you! Your call will always be answered by a kerhaert family member that has been trained and providing service for more than 20 years each. You will never reach a call center and speak with someone that is clueless to your needs. Our rotator Tow truck makes decking and undecking a snap! Roll-Over trucks and trailers are no problem. Why call around just to find a company that wants to show up and realize the job is too big or too much to handle? Call Kerhaert's and you are done! After all if we are not able to provide you service then there is nobody else in the area that can.
We are the best trained towing and recovery experts in Rochester NY.

Rochester NY Rotator Recovery And Winching

Weather here in Upstate NY including the Greater Rochester area can cause accidents of all sizes. Our roadways and expressways become icy and slick in the winter making travel difficult.
It is not uncommon for accidents to happen and it seems like no two are ever completely the same type. cars or trucks sometimes end up down in ditches or behind guard rails making it tough to safely recover back to the road for towing. Other companies many times would require several lanes of traffic to be shut down in order to recover and tow a large truck or car that is too difficult to reach with a smaller tow truck.

 Kerhaert's 50 ton rotator lets us use a much smaller area of the roadway and expressways like routes 390 and 490 to recover the toughest of accidents without causing any additional damage. Over a guard rail? we are able to pick up your car or truck and swing it back onto the road safely. Do you need winching service? Our 50 ton tow truck has four main winch lines  that are able to handle the heaviest of trucks and loads. From construction equipment to full size tractors and trailers, Kerhaert's rotator can handle anything.
Above right you can see an image of our new rotator ( Before it was lettered) in action towing a decked tractor that had become disabled.

Kerhaert's Towing of Rochester NY using 50 ton rotator.
Kerhaert's of Rochester NY lifting a cement drum with 50 ton sliding rotator.

To the right is an image of our new 50 ton rotator tow truck lifting and relocating large cement mixer drums for our customer.

Lifting  a scissors lift onto a upper platform with Kerhaert's 50 ton sliding rotator.

To the left is our rotator tow truck lifting a scissors lift onto a upper platform in Rochester NY.