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Rochester's Oldest Towing and Repair Service

Ray Kerhaert Senior started the business of towing and auto repair back in 1926 just a matter of 100 feet from where we are now. Our original location was at the corners of West Ridge road and Stone road in the town of Greece just north of Rochester NY. Today many members of the family still run and operate the same business and provide the same great service as Kerhaert's did over 90 years ago. Not only are we by far the oldest company in Monroe county for towing and auto repair, but we are also one of the oldest existing towing companies in the entire country.

There have been several tow operations that have come and gone over the years, each trying to copy our way of giving our customers safe and reliable service with a professional touch. But over the years we have always remained on top. Often copied but never duplicated!
When Kerhaert's Towing first started out, the tow trucks back then were called Manley Wreckers or Manley Tow trucks and they operated by using a hand crank to raise the boom in which would raise the vehicle being towed off the ground.
So much has changed over time and today we have several large wreckers capable of lifting and towing heavy duty trucks such as cement mixers and tractor trailer rigs. Our newest addition to our Rochester based family is a 50 ton wrecker that gets any job done with little effort.

Our auto repair service originated in a tiny two bay station and we also sold gas. All the cars in those days were plain and simple to work on compared to todays cars and trucks which are all computer driven and depend on complex emission exhaust systems and electronic ignition systems and modules. But that is okay because all of our auto repair technicians in our Greece location are highly trained and ASA certified to work all our customers vehicles.

We are closing in on 100 years of service to the Greater Rochester NY area, and we intend on continuing our professional service commitment another 100 years into the future. Who knows how cars and trucks will be as the next several years go by, but no matter what you can expect and depend on Kerhaert's Towing and Auto Repair to be on top leading the way with highly trained and skilled Tow operators and Mechanics.

Picture of Kerhaert's Auto Repair in early 1900's - Greece NY
Picture of original Kerhaert's Towing shop -early 1900's Greece NY
Picture of Ray Kerhaert senior working in auto repair shop-Greece NY
Picture of Ray Kerhaert 1st and Ray Kerhaert 2nd in an old model tow truck from Rochester NY
Brand new 50 ton wrecker owned by Kerhaert's towing-Greece NY
Picture of flatbed and medium duty tow trucks at Kerhaert's of Rochester
Kerhaert's Towing Logo image - Rochester NY
Over 90 years service logo for Ray Kerhaert's Towing and Auto Repair
Kerhaerts Towing and Auto Repair
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Rochester Towing and Winching Truck-Kerhaert's Towing
Rochester Towing and Winching Truck-Kerhaert's Towing